Choose Your Basic Skin Care To Get Perfect Skin

Having perfect skin is certainly every woman’s dream. We are willing to spend a lot of money to buy skin care so that our facial skin is cared for. But it turns out that there are rules for using skin care so that it can work optimally.

The order in which you use skin care really determines the quality of your face. If we use the wrong skin care order, it will be difficult to get perfect facial skin. The order of morning and evening skin care is also different.

Lots of skin care brands that offer healthy facial skin care. However, you still have to choose skin care according to your skin type. So that skin care can work optimally.

Determining Skin Type

Before buying skin care, it’s a good idea to know your skin type. The goal is that you can buy skin care that is suitable and can work optimally on your facial skin. To determine skin type is also very easy.

You just wash your face at night, then let it dry. No need to use any skin care. Leave your skin on until you wake up in the morning. Take a sheet of face oil and apply it to your facial skin.

If there is oil, then your skin type is oily. However, if the oil is only in certain parts, then your skin type is a combination. And if no oil is found, then your skin type is dry.

Basic Skin Care

It seems that there are still many women who are wrong in using skin care. To get perfectly well-maintained skin, you must understand basic skin care. What are the basic skin care? Here’s the review:

  1. Double Cleansing

If you want your face to be smooth, Always do double cleansing before washing your face. Use a facial cleanser that contains oil. After that, wash your face using a facial wash.

  1. Toning

After washing your face, you must use toner. Here you can choose a hydrating toner to keep your facial skin moisturised. But you also have to occasionally use an exfoliating toner to remove dead skin cells on your face.

Routinely use a hydrating toner, then the next step is to use a facial serum. Choose a facial serum that suits your skin type. So that the content in the serum can work optimally.

  1. Moisturizing

After the steps above, you must lock the skin care series with a moisturizer. The goal is to keep your skin moisturized and skin care to work optimally.

  1. Sun Screen

Skin care that you shouldn’t miss is the use of sun screens. Especially if you go out of the house, you must use a sun screen. It’s useless for you to do your skin care routine at night, but in the morning you don’t use a sun screen.

That’s the basic skin care that you should know. So you can buy skin care according to your skin type. Be consistent in using skin care so that your facial skin becomes beautifully manicured.

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